1.About MetalDD
MetalDD a social network for global metal market professionals.
Our Mission is to connect the world's metal market professionals to enable them to be more productive and successful.

2.MetalDD Download and Install
MetalDD iPhone iOS application, you can download by Apple App Store the URL:

MetalDD Android mobile application, you can download by MetalFirst Website, the URL:

3.How to register MetalDD?
Access in three simple steps (Register by MetalFirst.Com)
*Register your details with MetalFirst.Com for full app access, with your username and password
*Download and Install the MetalDD app in your mobile phone
*Login, enter your MetalFirst user id and password then Bingo!

Access in three simple steps (Register by MetalDD App)
*Download and Install the MetalDD app in your mobile phone
*Register your details with MetalDD app access
*Login, enter your DD number or MetalFirst User ID and password, then Bingo!

4.First time login MetalDD
First time login MetalDD, you need to completed: Your Name, Your Company Name, Telephone Number and select your Country /Territory, After submitted above information, you can login MetalDD and get a DD number.

5.DD Number
Once you login MetalDD successfully, you will get a DD number. This number is important and only for you.

6.Add Friends
You can add people as your friend, if you know his DD number or MetalFirst username.
The same, people will add you as his friend, if he know your DD Number or MetalFirst username.

7.Sending DD Message
You can send DD message to your worldwide friends, your message will show on his mobile phone. and your friends can reply to you quickly, share the information, it is Free and quickly.

8.Post and Share Information
You can post and share the below information with worldwide MetalDD users:
1)Company Products
2)Buy / Sell Trade Alerts

You can upload the text content and photos use your mobile camera and its’Photo Library.

MetalDD users who interested your information, they can reply to you directly, and your mobile phone will received their reply.

9.Feedback MetalDD users’ post
You can review and feedback anyone post on MetalDD. Just simply reply your interested, and your reply will show on his mobile phone immediately.

10.Your DD Site
Setup your DD site is simply. You can add professional detail - like your name, company name, upload products, news, buy/sell alerts, prices to your profile. A complete profile helps you to be found by other people for business opportunities. It also means we can show you relevant ads and content.

11. Managing Account Setting
1) You can setup received DD Notification or not.
2) You can setup allow people“Find Me by DD Number”or no allow.

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